There are two main kinds of courses you could choose to take in the study tour program. 

IEAEC English courses are bespoke programmes designed for students of all levels. Classes are interactive and designed to have fun whilst learning. Also our lessons are tailored to fit in with students' educational activities and include various workshops and classes that look at aspects of English culture and famous historic sites in Australia. 

Immersion programs are hold in more than 30 schools which are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Cairns. 

Students will study in the local schools in Australia with the local students together. They will take all kinds of courses including math, arts, literature and other courses and have opportunities to participate in a series of activities with local students such as sport meeting, concerts and dancing party.


In the weekend, the students will take part in different kinds of activities with host families such as picnic, fishing, shopping or seeing a sports match. They will learn about the way that the local people spend their weekend. During the study, they will immerse themselves in the local families, they can study and feel the different culture in Australia. 

In total, you could choose from the following 9 categories:

A—Australia English Training Camp

B—Australia Local School Camp

C—Australia Parent-child Camp

S—Australia Scientific Practice Camp

W—Australia Short Term Study Abroad Camp

U—Australia University Visit Camp

Y—Australia Art Exchange Camp

X—Australia Outdoor Activities Camp

N—New Zealand Technology Innovation Camp