Please be polite, respectful and friendly to all members of the Homestay family and respect their privacy. While you have rights, you must remember you are living in someone else’s home, not a hotel and they may have different rules. It is customary and polite to say “please” when asking and “thank you” when taking.


All members of the family in Australia share the responsibility of making sure the household runs smoothly. A homestay student is expected to live as a part of the family and therefore maybe asked to help with chores around the house.

On arrival, there will be some basic household rules that will be discussed with the students by the host parents. Such as:


Host families are required to provide you with breakfast and dinner every day and lunches on weekends. If you are a High School student, lunch will be provided for you during the week as well. Breakfast and Lunch are self-serve.







Please discuss the telephone arrangements with the family. Most students will have their own mobile phone. However, if using the host’s landline either purchase an international phone card from the local shop to use when ringing home – do not ring mobile phones from the host family home – it is expensive! Or inform your family back home of the landline number (if the host permits).Please note the time difference and advise your family. Please do not make or receive phone calls after 9pm Sydney time as it is not acceptable and inconsiderate, to most families to receive late night calls.



We recommend students arrange their own prepaid mobile internet access or alternatively internet access may be offered by the host family for $15.00 per week. This fee is generally paid to Australia Homestay Pro along with your homestay fee.The fee does not give you unlimited access. Downloading music, movies or online games is not permitted in homestay. Internet access is not permitted between 11 pm and 6 am.



Sometimes students will travel to Australia with their parents. Homestay hosts are usually happy to meet the student’s parents but we recommend arranging a time for a visit on the day after your arrival day. Students need to have time to get to know their host family. Initially, parents and relatives visits should be limited.

It is important to remember, at all times, that homestay is a private home and should not be treated like a hotel. You will need to ask your host if they are happy for you to have guests in their home. Some hosts are okay with you having guests over, as long as you inform then with ample notice. Others will ask that you do not have guests over, and meet them outside, away from the home. You must respect and follow the host rules. 


If your host family is going on an outing and invites you, then this is a great opportunity for you to see other places, talk with the family and relax. We suggest you ask the host what the cost of the outing would be before attending so that you can make your decision. The host family is not obliged to cover the cost of outings. Try to participate with the family as much as possible, even if it is supermarket shopping, this will help with your English and understanding of the Australian culture.



You will be given a set of keys to enter the house. Please look after the keys and return them upon leaving your homestay. If you lose the keys, you need to replace them or pay to have them replaced.






All care is taken by Australia Homestay Pro and your homestay family to ensure you and your valuables are safe however they do not accept any responsibility in the case of personal injury, accident or loss of personal items. It is therefore important that all students have their own personal travel insurance to protect themselves. All students on a visa have compulsory medical insurance. Please note, OSHC – a compulsory medical insurance, does NOT cover loss or damage of personal items. 


Do not leave any valuables lying around the house. Keep all valuables in a locked bag in your room. Large amounts of money should be kept in a bank account or in a safe at the bank. Do not leave them in the house and do not tell anyone that you have large amounts of cash. 

If you are going out – do not carry large amounts of cash in your wallet or purse and make sure you don’t allow other people to see how much cash you have on you when paying for goods. Be discreet. 


Please immediately inform your host of any damage in the house or accidents. Students may be required to pay for any damages or breakages caused. 


Payment of Placement and Administration fee, Airport Transfer fee, initial Homestay fees, Carer Setup fee and Carer fees must be paid in advance to Australia Homestay Pro before the placement process can begin.

Australia Homestay Pro will manage homestay funds for the whole duration of ALL students’ stay and will continue to issue invoices to the students and they must be paid in advance. It is important that these payments are made on time and in full so that the host family can be paid.

A late Administration Fee of $200.00 will incur for the late payment of the homestay fee and internet fee to Australia Homestay Pro on each occasion.

Two-week notice must be given to the homestay when vacating. 




If you need police, fire or ambulance in an emergency call Triple Zero (000). Always call Triple Zero (000) in situations where a life is in danger, a crime is taking place, or in time critical situations.